District of Choices Expo on Saturday

Andony R.

Andony Rincon believes that English ll and Algebra ll are the most challenging courses, but they are the most important subjects. Andony believes that the teacher who has most impacted him is Mrs.Garza, who was his 9th-grade teacher, she helped him focus on his class work and going to class every day, she pushed me to do better things. Andony also likes Algebra ll but dislikes Chemistry. Although it was a challenge, it took him 33 times to pass the reading TSI, but he finally passed it with a 353. Andony likes to believe that he is doing good in English ll. He plays soccer whenever he has time, he plays with his school friends every Thursday and Sunday. He wants to go to college because he wants to have a good job in the future. He wishes to graduate from high school with his associate's degree in interdisciplinary studies, go to STC and keep on studying to have a good career. He wants to have a good working career so he could help his community in many things.

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