Spreading Kindness

Nessly G.

Experiencing how to be self-aware on actions, patience, and how everything will be stressful but the hard work will be worth it. An associate will come from all the hard work.English is a strength on it's a comprehension of the native language and the improvements it needs to guide us in the real world. Reading a book is a great way to unlock imagination; it helps with vocabulary and buildup from remembrance.Babysitting children ages 7 and under helps with communication with parents and learning their different lifestyles. Track is a stress reliever for school and other self-problem.Wanting to come to college helps me develop academic performances; showing the high limits and be capable of anything. A nurse called Jackie Garcia was an inspiration as she graduated from STC with her degree in medicine.No teacher has affected anything; learning is more important than not concentrating on the subject. Acknowledging their behavior will be a life lesson on how everyone will bring good and bad but at the end of the day, everything will be worth it on how to be patient.Math is stressful not getting the problems right and asking for help from the teacher ending with no help, asking for help from a classmate. Reading and History is a good subject by learning the strategies of the world; the history, establishment, and the rights of the people.

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