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Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets were Distributed by Carters NHS.

Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets were Distributed by Carters NHS.

“The purpose of the National Honors Society is service,” Claudia Camarillo, NHS sponsor said. “It’s important that in moments like the holidays we should get together and do things for our community.”

Camarillo goes on to explain that the Thanksgiving dinner baskets are created thanks to the food donations of students as well as the contribution of turkeys from sponsors outside of the school.

“With the help of administration and social workers we find five to six kids that are in need of these baskets, for them to be able to have the whole Thanksgiving feast,” Camarillo said.

She continues to say that she not only desires for these baskets to serve the purpose of helping families in need, but to plant the seed of giving back and helping others in her NHS members.

Carter National Honor Society

The National Honor Society develops and promotes leadership, commitment, character, and community service; it is a national organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. NHS members have the opportunity to engage with their community and serve as a benefit to students’ future social and academic interactions.

Being a member of the National Honor Society represents an ethical, hardworking individual; Which demonstrates excellence in character and leadership both on-campus and community. You’ll need to be on top of school work academically and while in service.

“I wanted to be in a club where it helps the community and the school at the same time.” an NHS member said.
It recognizes and encourages academic achievement while developing character and leadership skills.

“The responsibilities of being an NHS member is; technically being committed and serving the community as well as being respectful,” said Esmeralda Loera. “Any NHS members understand that they are representing the school itself, people are going to look up to them, and they’re well aware of that.”

Some benefits of NHS are giving to the community, arranging activities to help the school out. Additionally, NHS allows students to make a difference for those in the community who are struggling or do not have enough.

“Giving back to the community by helping others, for example, on a past event we were on a toy drive in an Elementary school, and it was rewarding to see the smile on the kid’s faces after they all received a toy,” Loera said.

There are many responsibilities for the NHS; being trustworthy, being fair, caring for others, having citizenship, and being well informed of everything.

“When there was a big freeze during February in 2020, the NHS community helped out by volunteering at a food drive in Palmview and giving back,” NHS member Frida Beltran said.