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Carolina Amador posing with autumn decorations in JCECHS student union

Carolina Amador, a proud volunteer

Carolina Amador is involved in countless communities despite personal responsibilities, deadlines, college, and high school courses. These include UIL, FBLA, the Leo Club, and volunteering at the nonprofit organization Cancer Kids First.

Amador joined the student council because she wanted to help her peers voice their concerns or opinions. Cancer Kids First and the Leo’s Club allow her to help her community. She feels a sense of attachment to the clubs because they allowed her to receive help from others. She wants to be able to repay the favor to her community.

UIL and FBLA give her a chance to ‘unleash my competitive side’ academically. She says they let her relax and gain skills she knows she can use in the future.

“My absolute favorite part of the student council, Leo’s Club, and the Cancer Kids First organization is the fact that I get to help out others,” Amador said. “My favorite part about UIL and FBLA is the competitive rush that I get.”

She said that she would encourage others to consider joining these organizations.

“I would say to them that by being in these organizations, they will not only get to relish the fact that they will make positive changes to their environment, but they will also be able to have lots of fun!”

Leo’s Club

One of the many clubs our school has for students of all grade levels. Not requiring much to join other than a bit of time to help out in our community.

The Leos Club is sponsored and run by Yesenia Torres stating, “The Leo’s club is a program where young people serve as positive agents of change for their community.” She was more than willing to share more information about the club so that more students got the idea of what this club was about.

Students are encouraged to join the club, so that they may help out within their community.

Why should students join the Leos club one might ask, well it is like Mark Islas said, “you get to put smiles on people’s faces.” Islas, a three-year veteran in The Leo’s club is no stranger to helping in making a change.

It is known that change cannot happen without one person doing something. Islas said he has learned to serve his community in many different aspects and it not only involved himself but others as well.

Besides helping out the community, students are able to earn community service hours.

Student Pedro Rodriguez mentioned one of the reasons for joining the club was to earn community service, while helping out the community. It was a win-win situation: helping out his community and earning hours for school.

Like Torres said, “Besides the students getting volunteer hours they get to serve their community, get to know what is going on in the city, and make change in their community.” Being informed about what is happening within your community and city will always be the Leos club mission.

Change is the Leo’s Club mission and by having students volunteer it makes it easier to do so.

Like Rodrigues said, “I have achieved a better understanding with helping and I am more social with people than before.”

Becoming a Leo opens opportunities for students to show their leadership skills while having fun helping out in their community.