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The Arts and Crafts Club

The Arts and Crafts Club
Art teacher Nilda Valle has reinstated the Arts and Crafts Club.

Valle said she wanted to provide students with a break from the weekly classroom studies.

“The Arts and Crafts club provides a safe, creative, and relaxing space where students can learn, practice, discover, and teach each other a new art or craft skill,” Valle said.

She believes that students benefit from being in this club, and they are currently working on projects such as preparing tiles to draw and paint designs and their upcoming project, henna tattoos.

“I believe that creating a space where students let their imagination be free without any restrictions can lead students to discoveries about themselves,” Valle said

Senior, Vianey Falcon, says that the primary objective of this club is to have fun. She also mentioned how she has benefited from this club.

“It has helped me because it makes me input my leadership skills to the real test. This has been a real deal for me, and I am glad that I get to be a part of this with the help of Ms. Valle and my friends,” Falcon said.

She recommends this club to those interested in art or anything involving arts and crafts. You’re welcome to join them after school Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Glenda Villanueva earns Gold Medal at Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) State competition

Junior Glenda Villanueva competed at the 2020 VASE State Event and was awarded a State Medal, alongside the Gold Seal Medal, a unique distinction given to select few art pieces.

Glenda’s photograph is named “Timeless” and showcases her grandfather. Congratulations Glenda! #LJISDShineBright #RedWolfPride #lajoyaisd

Sophomore Rebekah Guerra has won the 2020 Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission Student Contest in Poetry

Jimmy Carter is proud to announce Sophomore Rebekah Guerra has won the 2020 Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission Student Contest in Poetry! Rebekah won the statewide poetry contest today and will be awarded $500.

A big thank you to our English teacher, Ms. Marybelle Salinas, for helping and guiding Rebekah through the process. This is the second year in a row a Jimmy Carter student had won one of the prizes from the Texas Holocaust Commission. Congratulations Rebekah and thank you, Ms. Salinas. Go Red Wolves!

#LJISDShineBright #lajoyaisd #RedWolfPride

Students Set Sight On Holocaust Remembrance Week

Students are looking forward to the 2019-2020 Holocaust Remembrance Week as interest is piqued by two Carter students who were selected as winners last year. Maya Carrizales and Lean Lopez won $500 each for their submission to the contest. 

Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission is a state agency that was established to promote awareness of the Holocaust and events like it according to its website. “Survivors of the Holocaust and modern genocides share their stories so we can learn from their experiences and prevent future genocides. By engaging with survivors’ testimonies, Texas students can serve as a witness and use their knowledge to improve the world in which we live. ”